Jun 082016

The joy of getting a basket of goodies is one that is celebrated the world over. Everyone and their mother loves getting a gift basket, and for good reason. If you know someone who absolutely loves chocolate, sweets and whatever else, a gift basket just might make their day. Here are some cheap, easy ways in which you can make the people you care about happy. Gift baskets can easily be filled up with cheap goodies. The best part is the wide range of choices open to you in terms of what to put in it. There are chocolates, mints, non-edible goodies and so many more. You can customize just about anything under the sun and put it in the gift basket.

Chocolate is love, chocolate is life

The most awesome thing to put in anyone’s gift basket is chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, except when they are allergic to it. Chocolate gift baskets might be the key to your loved one’s happiness this fine month. To start building upon this, make lists of everything the recipient loves, such as their hobbies, sports, books, TV, and all the other things they love to do and see. Then, think about things like rest and relaxation, pedicures, massages, and more interests. To fill the basket, you can look in thrift stores, sales, and other sources of cheap things that will draw their fancy. For the actual basket, it might be unique if you were to use something that the two of you can relate to. For example, if you both met at a screening of Alice, you may want to present it in a large, lidless teapot to talk about the Mad Hatter’s tea party while you gorge on chocolatey goodness.

Line it and include bonuses

You should have a liner for your chocolate gift baskets so that you don’t have to risk anything spilling out. In addition to this, liner makes the baskets a lot more fun and nicer to look at. You can use just about anything as liner, including hand towels and shredded newspapers. If it is to celebrate a pregnancy, it might add some humor to the situation to line the basket with baby diapers instead. As a filler, you can base it on the occasion being celebrated. For example, Easter might be celebrated with grass as the filler and so on.

Try not to include anything in the basket that has a strong fragrance. It might interfere with the quality of the chocolate. As bonuses, you can include gift certificates, personalized mixtapes and so much more depending on the situation and preferences of the recipient.

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