Apr 292016

When visiting a formal event such as business dinner or a family gathering, not knowing your table manners can be quite humiliating. This will create a bad impression about yourself – especially if you are dining with complete strangers. This is why it is important for you to be aware of such mannerisms. Listed below are some common tips that you need to follow.

The Seating

Do not sit until the host gestures you to do so. If you rush towards the table as soon as you enter, it shows that you are desperate, if not too hungry and impatient. So, be calm and wait till you are directed towards the seat. If the seats a named, make sure to sit where your tag is placed, even if you do not like the view or position. Fighting for a better seat or view can be considered as childish behavior. You need to sit straight. Do not keep your elbows on the table, but rather, place your hands on your lap.

The Utensils

Not knowing how to handle the utensils can be really embarrassing. This is a behavior that must be taught to individuals during their childhood. The fork must always be held in the left hand and the knife with the right. Do not use the knife you if you do not need it. If you are going for a degustation dinner Sydney, remember to use the same utensils for all your dishes. Using a different one for each dish can overcrowd the table. Moreover, do not make clinging noises.

The Food

Serve only as much as you can eat. Taking more than you can handle can result in wastage. If you need to help yourself with pepper or salt, do not stretch across someone. Politely ask the individual to pass it over. Do not eat until everyone is served and until the host begins to eat. Do not talk when you are eating or leave the table halfway since it is considered to be rude. If you are attending a degustation dinner Sydney, make sure to compliment all the dishes and avoid complaining publicly – even if it is against your personal preference.

The Napkin

This is a simple manner that most people forget. As soon as you are seated, you must place your napkin on your lap. Use it when you need it and without brushing your hands on your clothes. If you are getting up or done with your meal, place the napkin on the left side of the table setting. There is no need for you to return it in the same position since it is used. So, you could just keep it unfolded.

Following these behaviors is not only essential to impress other people but also to establish your own personal standards.

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