Apr 142016

Are you over weight? Do you have a proper eating pattern? What do you think? Depending on a sensible eating pattern, weight can be reduced significantly in few weeks or months. However, these eating plans are not easy enough to select, as you need to take care of the calories as well as the nutrients. Eating whole meals is not enough. It is also necessary to select what you eat and having a balanced diet.

Asking the right eating patter is a very common doubt, especially for the obese people. So, to quench your knowledge hunger, here is a list of food items that you can eat during your weight-loss course.

A protein balanced dish

Balancing protein in your meals is very much crucial to ensure that you get sufficient nutrients. Nutrients are required to keep your body fit and eligible to do tiring works. The protein-rich foods are egg, chicken, meat, fish, tofu and lentils. Also, in a balance diet you can add green tea or best tea for weight loss and avoid alcohols and soft drinks.

Adding fats in smart method

Who said that fats are detrimental for your health during weight-loss course? Fats are extremely essential to energize your immune system and produce WBC. Also, fats help in detoxifications. Fat foods like feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts, and avocado, yogurt, coconut oil and nut oils can be taken without fear.

You can also take best detox tea to detoxify your body and perk up the fat burning process.

Add complex carbohydrates in the menu

Complex carbohydrates like brown rice, rye bread, coconut flour, etc. are necessary to add in your menu even if you are under weight-reducing program. Carbohydrates help in smooth functioning of your brain, muscles as well as nervous systems.

No limit in vegetables

Except canned and frozen vegetables, any kind of leafy vegetable can be taken without any dilemma. In fact, you can add vegetables in your diet-plan at least 3 times a day. Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, eggplant; green beans, spinach, bean sprouts, capsicum, cauliflower and so on can be added. However, it’s always better to avoid potatoes from your meal.

SALAD- the best part of the food plan

Salads are considered a diet-food, which is easy to prepare. The punch of vegetables offers a great value to the meal. You can add slices of fish or chicken along with seasoning to spice up the taste. However, fruit salads with honey as toppings can serve you a wonderful best breakfast during your course. Nevertheless, squeezing lemon juice on the salad will supply the acids required to meet the need of Vitamin C in the body.

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