Aug 172016

If you are a local or a foreigner in Victoria with some time to kill, there are plenty of things to enjoy. Victoria is one of the most diverse and vibrant states in the world’s smallest continent. You can enjoy ethnic cuisine, beaches, water sports, artsy attractions and many more in Victoria. Visitors interested in history will find stunning attractions along Victoria’s coastline, which is dotted with historic ports and cities. It’s a great location for summer vacations, winter breaks and weekend getaways for those living close by. If you are one of the lucky ones, here is how you can spend a day in Victoria.

Start from the Coast

Have breakfast Geelong, one of the best cities in Australia for historic, adventure, art and culinary attractions. There are plenty of top-notch restaurants that families, couples and solo travellers can enjoy. You can enjoy healthy food, indulgent fast food or high-end dishes prepared by Michelin starred chefs. Your budget doesn’t matter. You will find plenty of both budget-friendly and high-end menus here. Afterwards, embark on an unforgettable journey to enjoy the rest of the state.

Visit the Waterfront Precincts

Victoria is full of coastal cities. So after breakfast Geelong, visit a port city for breathtaking waterfronts. Here, visitors can enjoy strolls, brunches or tea while watching the sea. There are plenty of other highlights to admire in the waterfront precincts as well. For example, many are old port cities so there are plenty of historical buildings to visit. Some waterfront precincts are well developed with great hotels, parks and even gold courses. You can enjoy the lovely beachside scenery while walking or strolling on a seafront promenade. Many of these promenades feature great artwork to feast your eyes on as well.

Hit the Beach

Some of the beaches along Victoria’s breathtaking coast are very safe for swimming and sunbathing. The whole family can enjoy a day out on the beach. It’ll be just like Bali, or even better! Some beaches are great for water sports like kite surfing as well. Also, try surfing, the one sport Australia is most famous for. If you pick the right beach, you might be able to get beginner lessons in surfing. However, do pay attention to all the warning signs erected at the site. Don’t go swimming if a lifeguard is not present.

Finally, visit the vintage markets scattered all over the state. It’s not a visit to Victoria if there’s no shopping involved. These markets are great for antique items and cheap food.

The above are only a few suggestions. You can discover more by actually visiting Victoria.

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