Jan 202016

After a long, hard day at work, it can be quite relaxing to sit back and put your feet up with a glass of wine, beer or a drink of your choice. In fact, many bars and hotels now have a designated ‘Happy Hour’ which is specifically catered to the corporate crowd where they can go with their colleagues or friends to enjoy an evening out from the stress and work life. However, it is important that consumption of alcohol is done so responsibly, as there are many dangers associated with it. Drink driving is a huge problem amongst today’s youth, and it is necessary that safety measures are put in place. An RSA certificate is one step towards maintaining responsibility.


RSA stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol, and is a mandatory requirement if you are in the alcohol industry. The course covers some very relevant topics related to the subject, and is a comprehensive training program for all those who are, and those who are hoping to get into this line of work. Licensees and staff need to be fully-equipped with the knowledge and ability to handle a tough situation that can crop up with difficult customers so that they can exercise a firm hand whilst protecting the reputation of the institution. If you are in Brisbane for instance, the Queensland RSA course is available.


As an individual that sells or serves alcohol, you will be now be entrusted with certain responsibilities. For starters, you will need to comply with the law before expecting others to, and you will need to be well-versed in the different clauses so you can prevent anything illegal from happening at the premises as it can be a disruptive situation for everyone. You will also have to refuse alcohol to customers who seem inebriated enough regardless of how much they try to convince you otherwise. You will also have to assist customers already intoxicated as well as do it all in a professional manner.


If you are looking to get certified, firstly you should know the state you are planning to operate in. Each state in Australia, has its own governing policies for liquor licensing. As such, what is applicable to New South Wales may not be applicable to Queensland. Before you sign on for a course and pay for it, figure out whether you are planning to work from your place of application or not. If you are doing an online course, check which bodies recognize the certificate. After this, you can then make a list of options depending on whether you are taking the physical Queensland RSA course or an online one.


The necessity of controlling alcohol consumption in today’s society should not be limited to a certificate. Once you have qualified, ensure you take your knowledge outside the premises so it can help someone else. You might be able to prevent someone from drink driving and risking their lives, whilst also preventing people from acting in an abrasive and threatening manner. Governments spend a lot on funding for campaigns that aim to educate on the harmful effects of alcohol which you will be able to contribute to meaningfully.

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