May 252016

There are some things that anyone who wants to be a great outdoor cook has to understand. One of these is the entire concept of heat and how it works with the meal that is being cooked. There are different factors pertaining to the use of heat, such as the control of the temperature on the grill, the difference between heat that is applied directly and indirectly, and the idea behind the increasingly popular twin zone setup of a grill. Now, there are many different types of grills out there. Some of them are very expensive, and others are dirt cheap. They all do the same job, basically, with different machines requiring different levels of care while cooking and after. They will all function a lot more efficiently if you start using a BBQ setup that involves two zones. This is an increasingly popular method of setting up a charcoal or gas grill, and it basically causes the meat to be cooked indirectly.

Why is temperature so important?

In order to be able to cook the best BBQ Meat Melbourne has ever seen, you need to have a smidgen of control over the temperature your meat is cooking at. Different organic compounds in meat react different to a variety of temperatures. This means that they actually release more or less flavor depending on the temperature at which they are placed. This is why you are usually advised to set an oven to a certain gas mark or to a certain temperature before you place something in it to bake or roast. It is to ensure the optimal temperature for the necessary compounds in the food to release the right amount of flavor. If you set the oven too high, the food will burn, and if the oven temperature is too low, you’re never going to get that perfect brown exterior that is so highly sought after in the cooking scene.

What’s so great about 2 zone setups?

If you are really that dedicated to putting out the best BBQ Meat Melbourne has ever tasted, you need to use a 2 zone setup. The main reason for this is the level of control it allows you to have over the temperature at which your food is cooking.

You can expose different foods to different levels of heat at the same time in order to cook more efficiently and to have that yummy food that will leave everyone speechless on the first bite. The “indirect” cooking area is at a lower temperature and is not exposed to the source of the grill’s heat.

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